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Links to on-line Blake's 7 fiction

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Name:Links to on-line Blake's 7 fiction
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This community was set up as a way to easily find Blake's 7 fiction, though much of it is now on the Archive of our Own. All sorts of fiction and links to it are welcome here and there are only a few simple rules.

Note to readers: some people consider 'gen' to mean no pairings at all, others consider that it can include romance in a minor role. The decision is up to the author, so you may encounter stories that do not fit your definition of 'gen'.

Stories are put into memories and tags by:
  • type and category e.g. S1 gen, PGP slash implied
  • title (memories only) so you can find a story by title; they can be sorted alphabetically
  • author
  • pairing if applicable

Put your story title in the post's subject.


Please use the following standard header above your LJ-cut or link:
Title: the story's title
Author: the name you'd like the story to be filed under
Pairing: no abbreviations please; put 'none' if applicable
Type: season unless it's a crossover or alternate reality; see below
Category: gen, slash implied etc; see below
Rating: the system of your choice
Warning: if you feel one is needed
Summary: (optional) one or two sentences
Please use this template (copy and paste), deleting anything not applicable:
<b>Pairing:</b> (if applicable)
<b>Rating:</b> (optional)
<b>Warning:</b> (optional)
<b>Summary:</b> (optional)
Type (choose one)
  • PWB (pre Way Back)
  • S1 (season 1)
  • S2 (season 2)
  • S3 (season 3)
  • S4 (season 4)
  • PGP (post Gauda Prime)
  • AU (alternate universe - the story branches off from canon)
  • AR (alternate reality - the characters are avatars in another universe altogether)
  • Crossover (please also specify the other fandom in brackets)
  • Filk
  • Poetry
Category (choose one)
  • Gen - Stories in which romantic or sexual pairings aren't prominently featured. Brief mentions of canon relationships (and not-exactly-relationships such as Avon and Servalan kissing) are allowable in gen stories. If you're unsure if your story is gen, please err on the side of caution, bearing in mind that not everybody sees the same level of sexual tension in canon.
  • Slash implied (f/f or m/m)
  • Slash explicit (f/f or m/m)
  • Het implied (f/m)
  • Het explicit (f/m)

Rate your story according to your preferred system.


Only if you feel they are needed. Remember that many people don't like story spoilers, so don't post things like "character death"; do you really want to spoil that punch-in-the-gut or happy surprise for your readers?

The body

Please put all posts longer than 200 words behind an LJ cut. If you don't want to take the time to read the FAQ, just type <lj-cut> after prefacing remarks (if any) and before the story, and </lj-cut> at the end of the story.

Links are also fine.


No, not a Federation grade. ;-) You are encouraged to have a new story beta-read before posting it as even the most experienced writers can make mistakes.

If you're just starting out, many of us would be pleased to give you a helping hand. If you would like some help, you can post a request for assistance or beta-reading here. If you only wish a specific area critiqued such as grammar, punctuation, characterisation, logical inconsistencies, canon, UK English, etc, please state that, otherwise the beta-reader is free to point out anything they think might benefit from change.

Links to fiction sites

ArchivesPersonal fiction sitesPersonal Review SitesPlease comment here if you’d like your fiction site or an archive added to this list.

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